Bob’s experience as an entrepreneur and his years as a small business coach offer a solid teaching curriculum. But it is his unique understanding of business and spiritual mindset that transform businesses. He grew his own tech company and successfully coached over 500 clients through Entrepreneur House through individual coaching and workshops over the past fifteen years. EHouse now offers a virtual space where business owners have access to both free content and a variety of affordable coaching solutions. Bob believes in empowering people with skills, mindset, community connections, and common sense.

He is a popular inspiring and engaging speaker using his humour and personal story to captivate his audiences. His book, From Addict to Expert, maps the journey of his early dysfunction with business and people, and his recovery to live from a place of authenticity. Bob’s life is grounded in yoga and rich friendships. He loves 90’s pop music and TV trivia. And his social media presence is personalized with GIFs. He centres life around his three children. And he is an advocate for mental health, co-founding TEDxNewmarket in 2018 with that important focus.


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